“N.d has only one intention: to drag you from your senses and take you deep down into his chambers, where you will be subject to a heavy dosage of the industrial rhythmic progression which underlines the overall sound of his Techno.”

First artist to ever release on Trivmvirate, Chris is resident in Malta’s finest techno nights, opening for Sandwell District, The Third Man, Markus Suckut this past summer alone.

His sound is first class club music: a smart mixture of deep tinged Techno, darker House music and rhythmical Dub sculptures.

His productions played by nothing but Xhin and Alan Fitzpatrick among others, just to pick on both extremes. N.d is an extremely productive composer and his performance are more than often exclusively composed by his own materials, he is available for liveset performances.

First Wave Second Wave Destruction of Choam Reflection of Two Space Age Rituals


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