“Caught in between time an space, lost or found, PVS (or what was left of him..) stepped towards the Pyramid asking for mercy, water and a drum machine. Years spent in full motion left him drenched and thirsty, eager to achieve more but once again ready to start from scratch. His spirit purified by the emptyness but his soul burning in disgrace, the Trivmvirate found a new candidate for upcoming missions.”

PVS has been a resident dj at Goa Club for many years, now moved forward to concentrate on his production projects and his own label HomeVVork.

A real dj at heart, PVS’s music is meant for the dancefloor and has been played by the likes of Marcel Dettman. You can expect an experienced dj with the best feeling for his crowd.

Booking is handled through Unbroken Agency.

Unknown Status


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