K1971 Tv – Episode 1 | K1971 LABEL MANAGEMENT | BERLIN – Includes our Reig ‘Submania’

Thanks to K1971 for including our Reig’s ‘Submania’ as sound track!



Trivmvirate on M2O / TimeWarp radio-show

Starting Sun.7th Oct.2012 Trivmvirate will host TimeWarp – the first national techno only radio show on M2O from 12am to 4am.

We are honoured to pair up with the official Time Warp event organization, this will allow us to showcase even more international artists and to push the underground vibes we love to another level.

Official news: http://www.time-warp.de/notizie/time-warp-su-m20/index_ita.html

Official page: http://www.m2o.it/special/time-warp_reloaded/

Stay tuned!


Laser Series

Space relics are being collected, analyzed and all available informations are inserted in the Trivmvirate Data System.

All these informations are deemed critical for future applications and therefore stored on secured supports.

These supports ensure a valuable freedom as those can be object of interplanetary exchanges.

Plus, in their physical form, they provide that old tactile sought after feeling.

Therefore Trivmvirate officially announces the Laser Series release from this Autumn.



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