TWX001 Out in Stores




Our first vinyl is out in the best music stores.


IV Prophecy

Experiments are proceeding with studies on Wave Lenghts: Radio Waves – or Cosmic Radiations – are known to be the longest among all types of waves in the Universe.

At the Trivmvirate HQ, the construction of devices for wave generation were fully ongoing, requiring more materials and workforce then expected.

Recruitments were successfully completed with the aquisition of 2 experts in Mass Construction Process and Earth-Striking Devices Programming and new launches are confirmed after our S.O.S. has been received.


25 Aug 2012 – N.d as NDSG opening for Jeroen Search and Markus Suckut @ Liquid (Malta)

N.d and Shon Gamil warming up as NDSG for nothing but Jeroen Search and Markus Suckut at Liquid Club Malta – not to be missed!


18 Aug 2012 – N.d with Sonitus Eco and Acidulant @ Liquid (Malta)

N.d will play along with Sonitus Eco and Acidulant at Liquid Club (Malta)



Reig podcast for K1971

Enjoy 1 hour of set and interview here below



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