Trivmvirate Silk Prints

Here are few pics from our first series of silk print, a very ambitious DIY project to provide our army with new uniforms.


21 Jul 2012 – N.d with Shon Gamil as NDSG @ Playground (Malta)

Our N.d will pair up again with local veteran Shon Gamil for their NDSG live act at Playground Club (Malta) on its fabulous F1 system.


N.d – Second Wave EP (Video Teaser)

Track: Dimensional Airwave
Artist: N.d
Release: Second Wave EP


III Prophecy

During the initial phase of the project, space cadets were first temporary isolated for personal training, then reunited in two teams and dressed with uniforms of different colours: blood red with gold details for the A1 team, sky blue with pearl white details for the A2 team.

Contestants who wore red more often out-performed their white-clad opponents during matches. The tendency for red to defeat white, regardless of how equally matched the contestants may have seemed in strength, size and skill level, created the perception that wearing the red uniform brought some sort of advantage. Those who observed this phenomenon began to seek a causal link between the colour of the contestant’s uniform and his performance, speculating that the warmer colour was perhaps more intimidating on a subconscious level, or that the firing uniform made its wearer’s movements harder to see, thus slowing the white-clad contestant’s reactions to his red opponent. The statistical evidence seemed to suggest that the red uniform held some advantage, but researchers were unable to put their finger on what, exactly, that advantage might be.

Most team members were proud of their team and their membership. Many displayed their badges even out of the base and dress in a style identifying their particular team. Their personal belongings were frequently covered with scratches coming from the contact with space dust and bear the team’s logo and the member’s team name.


Berber – Back Pressure (Video Teaser)

Artist: Berber
Track: Back Pressure
Release: Perpetual Morphing EP
Out end of April 2012



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