N.d – First Wave EP (Video teaser)

  • Artist: N.d.
  • Track: Concept 3.2
  • Release: First Wave EP
  • cat: TWV001
  • Release date: Spring 2012


I Prophecy

When beauty appears in history, we historians, like normal human beings, we suffer its charm and every aspect of our narrative is struck. Outside of her light, events retire in the background, and there is only the beauty, the beginning and end of everything.

The strange thing is that we’ll see the history of any other agreements called “triumvirate” to find out it was always created after some resentment or misunderstanding among the likely candidates for these positions, it always arises from an end of something or “partnership” which are no longer well viewed from the same components.

But it is also said that this name carries within the victory and the success of all, a global change of absurd versatility perhaps because, although not so well known, brings something of the esoteric influences of the Egyptian era.



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