II Prophecy

Those planning space exploration were not yet willing to risk challenging missions based on theories still not tested to date, and staff without sufficient preparation.

This neglect inspired some attempts of individuals to develop new technological approaches to space travel and especially a new training course for those who had to perform in person this type of mission.

The main task of the space cadets was to carry out this research for the benefit of life on Earth and to develop knowledge and skills necessary for long journeys of exploration of the solar system.

Evidences of this glorious past emerged through different findings in the region, proving that sub sequential failures mined the stability of the project and the whole theory of travelling space in time was soon dismissed.

The harshness of life in the actual world, the fear of being lost or alone in Universe and total lack of results coming from such enormous efforts of space travelling drove those interested in knowledge to look no further then inside themselves, stocked in a state of fear and introspection, which led to further interesting developments.

To this end, the Trivmvirate had established the creation of a series of training units, consisting of sequences, frequencies and fractions resulting from the relationship between ‘mind – tool – space’ in order to spread their new knowledge between the few survivors.


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