Trivmvirate is just us.


There will be no other labels like Trivmvirate. When we wrote this sentence at the bottom of our site we really meant it. And we meant it by taking the commitment to be on top our thing, and we made it different by creating something at our own image. This is why we are Trivmvirate. Trivmvirate is just us.

The initial burst:

It all started with our departure from Cannibald Rec, a struggle that led us to start up the label, that seemed prominent when looking for the Trivmvirate etymology, we found out that historically ‘It always arises from an end of something or “partnership” which are no longer well viewed from the same components.” This was exactly our case, 2 friends and their music alone in the Techno Universe. []

The logo concept:

We inquired some long time friend for visual inspiration and the following concepts arrived from 3 graffiti artists hailing from Rome [Rics, Nyco, Kars]

1.Trivmvirate as combination of 3 elements and therefore the triangle shape.

2.The same triangle was found in Kenneth Anger and Jodorovsky’s movies who’s esthetic immediately fitted our historical heritage and psychedelic being. In Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising the triangle appears with a ‘TRADEMARK’ inscription and it was the sign we were waiting for.

3. A Triangle/Pyramid/Eye (3 elements combo) was created and made unique with our own finger print.

The label sound:

We were also really looking to do it our way, to have a kind of influence on the label output to make it consistent so instead of leaving to the artist full freedom like most labels do, we decided to go heavy with the style selection, track arrangements and so on, and the idea of the second prophecy arised: “The main task of the space cadets was to carry out this research for the benefit of life on Earth and to develop knowledge and skills necessary for long journeys of exploration of the solar system…..To this end, the Trivmvirate had established the creation of a series of training units, consisting of sequences, frequencies and fractions resulting from the relationship between ‘mind – tool – space’ in order to spread their new knowledge between the few survivors”


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